XFC - International Extreme Flight Championships

XFC Airplane Known Maneuvers

The Alpha Ratchet –

The aircraft enters upright from the left or the right and parallel to the flight line.  It then executes (4) consecutive 4-point rolls in opposite directions. These are done in a high alpha attitude, and exit upright.  The optimum altitude for scoring is at 10’ above the ground.   The placing between roll #2 and #3 should be directly in front of the judges. Entry roll direction to this maneuver can be left or right. 

  1. Altitude deviations
  2. Roll rate changes throughout the maneuver
  3. Not centered in front of the judges
  4. Points not noticeable
  5. Hesitation changes between each point

Torq’in Top Hat –

The aircraft enters inverted from the left or right and parallel to the flight line.  The aircraft then pushes to vertical.  On the vertical up line, the aircraft stops and executes (1) torque roll.  This is centered on this up line.  The aircraft then climbs, so that spacing is the same above and below the torque roll.  The aircraft then pulls to an inverted level harrier across the top, and then pushes/stops in a vertical position.  The aircraft then descends on a vertical line, and executes a torque roll at the same height as the first.   The aircraft then descends from the torque roll to the altitude as entry to the maneuver.  The aircraft then pulls to inverted, and flies out.

  1. Entry and exit altitudes are different
  2. Torque rolls are not at the same altitude
  3. Spacing above and below the Torque Rolls are different
  4. Over-rotation in the torque roll
  5. Vertical lines above and below the TR’s are not straight.
  6. Deviation in altitude across the top

The HammerFall –

The aircraft enters upright from either left or right.  At center in front of the judges, the model pulls to vertical.  On the vertical up line, the model executes (1) negative (push) waterfall and stops with the nose in the up/vertical position.  Upon completion of the waterfall, the model continues the climb vertically and executes a hammerhead turn at the top.  On the down line it performs 2 of a 4 point roll (either direction), followed by an opposite negative snap roll in the opposite direction. Then the aircraft pulls to level and exits on the same heading as the entry.

  1. Vertical lines not the same
  2. Spacing before and after the waterfall not the same
  3. Heading changes during the waterfall
  4. Hammerhead must be stalled, not flown over
  5. Entry and exit radius’s at the bottom are not the same
  6. Wings must be level during the waterfall

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