XFC - International Extreme Flight Championships

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Extreme Flight Championships. To make it easier, below is a list of criteria for your video submission.

  1. It can be submitted in a CD or DVD format, or a link to an online video.

  2. The freestyle flight must be flown to music. The music may not be dubbed over the flight electronically, but must be flown to “live”, meaning recorded on the video with the flight.

  3. The flight must be 3 minutes in length, and held as closely to the 4min. time as possible. You have the option to start/stop the time in the air or the ground, whichever you prefer.

  4. It is not mandatory, but if you wish to use “gadgets” during the flight, these are encouraged, as they will only enhance your routine. Any gadgets will be held in confidence so as not to encourage duplication by other competitors.

  5. Two of the main areas of the judging criteria are “choreography” and “precision”. Both of these displayed in your flight will only help in the selection process.

  6. Enclose a brief history of your modeling career and a list of flying achievements.

  7. Once you are ready to submit, send the video to:

Frank Noll Jr.
3918 Rockdale Dr.
Champaign, Ill. 61822

Good luck in your application process and we look forward to seeing your video and flying ability.

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