The aphorism—those who can’t do, teach—might not really find widespread acceptance, but it sure shows its veracity when it comes to casino gambling. According to historians, the first-ever gambling activity took place in Venice, circa late 1630s, and since then, it has flourished in different parts of the world. Gambling didn’t become popular with just the plebeians or the bourgeois class, but—as times progressed—also attracted a motley of figures that included professionals, mathematicians and recreational players-turned-specialists. The below enumeration is quite the eclectic mix of people who enjoyed gambling วิธี เล่น คา สิ โน สด.


Stanford Wong:

AKA John Ferguson, the author is known for his research work on the concept of advantage play blackjack. Ferguson, under his pseudonym Wong, saw success with his first book, Professional Blackjack. One of the most effective methods that the book preaches is ‘back counting’, or standing at a distance from the table to observe the count before jumping into the game. This move was coined ‘Wonging’ and is attributed to Wong himself. By applying this method, players with can look at the deck conditions and wait for them to line up before sliding onto a seat and benefiting from a favourable deck.

Mason Malmuth and Co.:

Malmuth has contributed to the poker world by churning out dozens of voluminous poker books. As a gambler, if you’ve read a generic poker strategy book, it might have come from Malmuth’s Twoplustwo publishing. The nonpareil texts like the Small Stakes Hold ’em: Winning Big With Expert Play (2004) by Ed Miller and Harrington on Holdem (2004 – 2008) series, written by World Series of Poker veteran Dan Harrington were possible through Malmuth’s publishing prowess.

Michael Shackleford: Ask a gambler about ‘the wizard’ and watch the twinkle of appreciation light up in their eyes. Michael Shackleford runs a website, ‘Wizard of odds’. It is one of the most trafficked casino websites in the industry. All the content there is produced by the maestro himself, thanks to his ingenuity with the game. Michael, with all the published content, emerges through the finish line as one of the most talented game theorists of his day.

Jean Scott:

Jean Scott

For someone who’s one of the most renowned gambling experts, Jean Scott has never claimed that she possesses any special insights into casino games. Scott started off as a recreational video poker player during the early 1990s and ended up as someone knowing every gambling secret there is under the sun. After nearly a decade of playing both side of the coin to the fullest, Scott wrote her manifesto, titled ‘The Frugal Gambler’. Within this manifesto, you can ruffle through enough techniques to get you on the drift.